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Practical, down-to-earth, instruction with emphasis on rearing spiritual children who grow up to love and serve the Lord. —Proper Discipline of the Child—Improper Discipline of the Child—Getting the Heart of the Child—Dealing With Ungodly Anger—The Thought Life of a Christian—Dealing With Pride—How to Have a Relationship With God—How to Have a Daily Time With God—How to Deal With Hurt—What Do I Do About a Child Outside My Home Not Living for God? —Twenty-two Helpful Thoughts on Rearing Children for God. Independence, MO: American Association of Christian Schools, ©1995. "A biblical guide for Christian parents." Contents: Gambling is Prohibited—The Firm Foundation—The Right Way to Grow—Directing Through Discipline—Back to Basics—Separating to Success—Principles to Practice—Consistency is the Key—Fruit Inspecting—The Battle is On. Emphasis on establishing a Christian home according to the principles taught in God's Word. • To the Parents of My Grandchildren: Meditations on Some Parents of the Bible for Christian Parents by a Grandparent (G.

The show has a world-wide fan base and the creators/stars have been flown to Europe, Australia, and Mexico due to the show’s immense popularity!In most cases, this is a Sub-Trope of Like Brother and Sister.The difference is that for Platonic Life Partners, their relationship with each other is the most important relationship, with even romantic relationships coming in second.While the discussion is in progress, this page may be edited, but do not blank or redirect this page, or remove this notice from the page.is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor.Season 5 is a romp through LA, Palm Springs and Mexico, and eventually reaches its climax with a shoot out in a deserted Mexican ghost town!


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    On Pathways Plus we encourage personal, professional and spiritual development in an intimate and nurturing setting.

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