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The Whitfield family overcome many trials and obstacles during the Christmas season.

Shirley Ann "Ma'Dere" Whitfield greets her boyfriend Joe when he wakes up.

Lisa, Kelli, and Claude come to Ma'Dere's house for the Christmas holiday. During dinner, Malcolm asks how he feels about "attending an all-black college".

Melanie and Devan say that they both have the same major.

In 1995, she was featured in the hit comedy film Friday.

In 1996, she starred in the Martin Lawrence dark comedy-romance A Thin Line Between Love and Hate as Mia.

Lisa suggests they should give up the dry-cleaners business, which leads to an argument between Lisa and Kelli.

After Quentin arrives, he talks to his family at the dinner table; when he sees Joe he starts to make rude remarks towards him. Claude attempts to sneak off to a club, causing everyone to come with him.

who the family has not seen in four years; Claude the marine; New York ad exec Kelli who admits she is the selfish one; college student Mel; and Michael (called Baby) who still lives at home while figuring out what he wants to do with his life.

Quentin, being a chip off the old paternal block, is the most disconnected from the ... This is already a classic in our home where it is watched on a regular basis.

O Holy Night English words by John Sullivan Dwight, French lyrics by Placide Cappeau and music by Adolphe Adam Produced and Arranged by Lou "Buster" Brown Performed by Denetria Champ De Netria appears courtesy of JDI Records See more ยป A movie that is worth watching over and over I went to see this movie twice last year! I had a feeling that they were going have it come out on DVD around the holidays this year, which is good to watch wit the family for the holiday season! I love the growth of the entore family as they lived, loved, and fought around the holiday.

From 2015 to 2017, she also played Erika Murphy on the critically acclaimed HBO drama, The Leftovers, for which she has received a Critics' Choice Television Award nomination.

She has a recurring role as Janine Davis on The Big Bang Theory, and has starred in numerous films, including Ray, Poetic Justice, Friday, and Legally Blonde 2. She went on to appear in the John Singleton films Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice and Higher Learning.


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