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Once you have found someone that you are interested in, you can contact them in various ways.It will feature a curious seven-year-old boy Pappu, who asks the most outrageous questions of his Papa, Anand, who attempts to answer them to the best of his ability -- initially with a lot of awkwardness and eventually with a lot of fun, simple anecdotes.Talking about it, Patil said: "The second-most populated country in the world, in spite of being the home of texts and temples such as the Kamasutra and Khajuraho... Most parents clam up when having to talk to kids about the 'birds and the bees'. Misinformation or lack of information cause further confusion and problems.Crisis económica, Movimiento 15-M y un millón y mediode peregrinos que esperan la llegada del Papa conviven en un Madrid más caluroso y caótico que nunca.En este contexto, los inspectores Velarde -Antonio de la Torre- y Alfaro -Roberto Álamo- deben encontrar cuanto antes y con la mayor confidencialidad posible a lo que parece ser un asesino en serie.DIRECCIÓN · Rodrigo Sorogoyen GUIÓN · Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña ACTORES · Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo, Javier Pereira, Mónica López, Luis Zahera, Rocío Muñoz-Cobo, José Luis García Pérez, Alfonso Bassave MÚSICA · Olivier Arson FOTOGRAFÍA · Alejandro de Pablo DURACCIÓN · 125 MIN.


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